It’s all about internal freedom & happiness and a long quality of life


Binu Dhindsa is an Empowerment Coach, a Hypnotist for Healing  and Spiritual Mentor/Activator, which in a nutshell is helping people from a deeper soul level. She’s an author, a leader, and a speaker. Her specialty areas for coaching are reprogramming the subconscious mind using mindset & hypnosis meditation, creating your best relationships (as pertaining to yourself, your friends, your spouse, and your children) and emotional self-management so fear and anxiety and overwhelm and stress no longer define you. Binu has a Masters degree in Epidemiology, which is the study of the factors that bring upon disease. She is fascinated in sharing how a whole health and spiritual approach used in our daily lives can help keep illnesses away and help our closest relationships flourish,  allowing our body, mind and inner spirit to all work together for a long, healthy, meaningful quality of life.

As a personal trainer, nutrition enthusiast and hypnosis and soul coach, her last few years have focused on relationships, that to ourselves and with those closest to us; the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind and the superconscious mind, that hold our stuck emotions, and our past experiences, leaving many of us in a spiral of unknown and unwanted thoughts and feelings. All together this allows us to see the impact of our limiting beliefs, and stress on our physical bodies. She has gone on to study stress response and relaxation response at the Whole Health Medical Institute.

Binu has become a whole health ambassador, hypnotist and empowerment coach, now teaching how our physical body is truly connected to many other areas of health in our lives, such as our mental health, our emotional health, our relationships, our spirituality and our work life. Binu now teaches many people about mindfulness and meditation, how we can self-program positivity and empowerment back into our brains, how to improve relationships and overall life – how true awareness in all aspects of health can improve our current health state, one day at a time. Binu integrates her health teachings to include the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, environmental, financial and relationship health.

As a busy mom of 3 teenagers, she has created a life plan that has EASE written all over it. Her life plan allows her to energize daily with exercise, proper nutrition, stress reducing techniques and daily mindfulness habits in a balanced way to keep life flowing well and giving the body what it needs to thrive so she has the energy to give back, and play full out. She believes in the perfectly imperfect way of life, so even for those thought leaders out there, some days all the healthy habits are working on a minimum. It’s what Binu teaches to do in those moments that has changed her life and the lives of those who work with her. She is passionate about staying as healthy as possible, less stressed, more aware and mindful and living out her life purpose, and hopes to empower others to do the same.