I am grateful for the people who have been willing to share their experience working with me.


Terry, male age 53

I’ve been taking Binu’s group online Hypnosis sessions now for the last 6 weeks. Even though I was told what to expect, you don’t really know until you actually do it or you actually get in the mind space and have the experience of a hypnosis meditation. I had no expectations going into it and even after Binu said what I’d be experiencing I was still very skeptical. What I found was that I entered a place of ‘inner peace’ and ‘warmth’. The inner peace is best described as ’no worries on my mind, no stress situations to think about, not feeling pulled in one direction or the other’. It has probably been the most calming part of the whole day. The ‘warmth’ is just that… a very warm feeling where I felt as if I wasn’t in my present location but rather drifting off somewhere in space feeling totally safe. I’ll also mention that in that moment of ‘hypnosis’, I couldn’t feel as though I was lying down, sitting upright or even if I was in my office. In the last session I sat outside and I felt there was no difference from being in my office or outdoors as the environment at that point did not factor in because I still felt like I was taken somewhere else.  I seem to get more and more out of each session almost like building blocks. Who knows what that is, but I look forward to finding out what I’m building.  I sincerely recommend these sessions as I now believe that there is something for everyone to experience.

Megan, female age 27

Thanks so much for guiding these sessions – they are so powerful, so effective and so grounding!

I have been practicing hypnosis with Binu for a number of weeks now. I participate in her sessions twice a week for 30 minutes each time.

Each time I practice I am able to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. I am more peaceful, more joyful, more grateful and more calm than when I started just a few weeks back. I am also starting to see the benefits of hypnosis appear in my everyday life activities. Recently, I have noticed my fitness endurance skyrocket. I have always been very much into fitness – I would call myself a runner, but I definitely have limits and know when I cannot run any longer for various reasons – out of breath, too hot, calf cramp, my mind telling me to stop, stomach cramp, etc. However, on my recent runs I have been going further and further with ease. First 6k, then 8k, then 11k. I actually have been stopping myself not because I am tired but because I just need to move on with my day. I began to ask myself – what has shifted here? Not my diet, not my sleep patterns, not my other fitness regime. It dawned on me – it was my mental state. What I noticed was, I am actually able to bring this bodily awareness I so deeply know from hypnosis and apply it to running. I can get into such a relaxed, calm, grounded, centred and meditative state when I run that I actually have no concept of time or km. I just go and go and go. I know I am running and I know I am breathing, and thoughts drift in and out but that’s about it. If you asked me 4 months ago if this was my experience running I would laugh and say ‘ya right!’. I am so grateful for the sessions Binu offers as I am more peaceful, confident and ready for anything I do or that comes my way in any given day. I would highly recommend her sessions so you too can cultivate this sense of freedom!

Anonymous, female, age 33,

Today’s session was SO DARN good. I was actually smiling throughout it. I loved the energy the group created when we filled each other with love. I actually felt tingling in my fingers to my wrists, forearms, upward to my shoulders and down to my heart. It was pure magic. It was bright… like I saw bright bright lights!

I have to share that when I miss a hypnosis (like I did Friday), I feel terribly misaligned and disconnected with myself. It’s actually crazy.

My energy and motivation has been so low the past couple days and I feel completely renewed now… I feel ready.

I LOVE the messages about love, loving yourself and coming from a place of love. This idea has also changed so many relationships in my life for the better – show up to allow people to be themselves and show up with love. It sounds easy but of course it’s not right??

Oh Binu – I cannot express enough how powerful your hypno sessions are. Life changing.

I have recorded myself saying a relaxation meditation – let’s just say, the sound of your voice is way more calming LOL.

Have a brilliant afternoon filled with love and light.

Maureen, female, age 65

What a wonderful session today! I took my blood pressure when the session was finished and it was lower! You are wonderful!