Hypnosis Monthly Recurring

December 4, 2020by Terry Rajaram

Hypnosis is deep meditation with positive suggestions. What that means is that you sit quietly in the comfort of your own home, using Zoom video and you just listen to Binu’s guided script and coaching lesson of the day. She talks all about being at peace and invoking a calm sense of self, more confidence and higher self-esteem. You leave the call feeling wonderful, calm, empowered, enlightened and more confident in every way.

Join us for $11 a month where you can access up to 2 live hypnosis meditation sessions with Binu each week and recordings if you ever miss the live sessions.

See my testimonials below from a few people who have been coming to the online zoom calls for a few months and the shift they have seen in their lives.

I look forward to seeing on the zoom Hypnosis calls!



Terry Rajaram