Personal Training

Having the knowledge of what components of fitness are needed in what proportion in my week has changed the way I work out. For long term quality of life, we need the 3 primary components of fitness. Those being strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training. The key with this all that I have discovered is that we need to find what we enjoy doing. Being forced into weight training when you dislike it will not last and we definitely need to find what works for us long term.  Short term goals are great, but it’s best to have both short term and long term in mind when desiring any change in our lives, with exercise being no exception.

At times we need a real kick-start for our bodies and we just don’t know where to start. Consider personal training where your mindset is supported and you are advised of what best exercise will suit your goals and life. Binu advises on personal training options and overall fitness to help you find what brings you the most joy. You will meet Binu weekly or biweekly.

Binu ties in mindset coaching with physical movement based on the needs of the individual at each training session. Training the mind helps to clear stressors and allows the body to flow and develop as it’s supposed to. Binu’s training sessions are efficient, fun and she helps to minimize injuries.

Personal training can be in person or via Zoom video for virtual training. Individual training and group training is available.





Isagenix is the perfect addition to an active healthy lifestyle. I love the word “active” as opposed to “busy”, as I believe we all make choices to do all that we do in our lives.


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