Binu Dhindsa is an Inspirational Whole Health Coach, which in a nutshell is all things Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

Binu does speaking engagements to inspire and empower women. Her empowerment talks help connect others to their inner power and inner truth. She covers topics such as mindset, meditation, emotional mastery and shares how recognizing and changing our thoughts can truly change our lives.  Binu offers practical tools to use in everyday life. Binu is able to connect with the audience on a deeper level and leaves them feeling energized, motivated and inspired within.

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Watch out for Binu’s biggest self-development event ever in November 2020!!!


Binu believes that having a strong supportive community by your side is very important. Whether it’s one person or a group of women, who just “have your back” all the time. We all need that community where we can be authentic and speak our truth. One of my mentors once said, “your environment is stronger than your willpower”. Wow, isn’t that so true. Who you surround yourself with truly does affect what choices we make during the day, whether it’s food, exercise, how we treat ourselves, how we treat others. Binu is so grateful to have a great community around her in her personal life and in her business life and is continuing to build that community every day. Stay tuned for workshops and gatherings so you can be part of this great community as well.

Some workshops that have been held previously are;

  • Meditation Circles
  • Parenting Coaching Circle for Teens and Tweens
  • A Whole Health Experience Self-Development Conference

Coming in 2020 – “From Blah to Bliss” Self-Development Conference


Having the knowledge of what components of fitness are needed in what proportion in my week has changed the way



My life has truly changed since bringing better quality foods and nutrients into my life in a more consistent and balanced manner.



It’s time to embrace your true authentic self, that amazing empowered person inside of you! This is a one on one program.


It never gets easier.


Having the knowledge of what components of fitness are needed in what proportion in my week has changed the way I work out. For long-term quality of life, we need the 3 primary components of fitness. Those being strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training.