Hypnosis & Happiness

“We have the power to rise up above the noise, ignite our inner wisdom and reprogram our subconscious minds!”

Welcome to an opportunity to connect with me on my Membership Site “Rise UP: Meditation and Mentorship” where you will find a recording library to help you move from stress/anxiety to more peacefulness.

I believe calmness is becoming a needed way of life now. The more you train yourself to come into the calm, still state, even for 2-3 minutes, you will start to hear a soft loving voice within that is waiting to guide you to what’s best for you. You will also be clearer to discern between the noisy fear voice and the loving divine voice within during the busyness of your day. This is what I call “reprogramming our minds” from the monkey to the miracle mind! I believe we have to train our mind back to how it was born…we were all born beautiful beings with a spark for life, loving thoughts and magical dreams…then somewhere along the line we were told we weren’t good enough, and here we are. Now we need to start reprogramming. We need to start relearning what is our truth and what has always been our truth and our birthright….so let me help you remove the noise and tap back into your true deep rooted worthiness!

As we calm our minds, this is the state our subconscious mind can be told more enlightening, happier, joyful things. But we need to get to this calm state within, this centred state first.  You will then feel less harassed and stressed by the daily pressures placed upon you, and calmness takes hold and becomes a way of life.

I specialize in what I call Hypnosis Meditations. They are meditations that take you to a deeper level. They allow your subconscious mind to be at the forefront while your conscious mind moves off to the side. This is my way of helping you learn to calm your mind, to train the calm muscle within, it takes practice like building all other muscles.

We all have access to this hypnotic state but we have never been taught how to access it and why it can be beneficial. These days, there is heightened fear, anxiousness and stress. These emotional states take us away from ourselves, away from who we are meant to be at our core. Our goal is to come back to centre so to speak, to bring ourselves back to a grounded state more often in our day so we stay out of these heightened states. Stress, anxiety and fear keep us stuck. These responses hurt us in our mind, our bodies, in our relationships, with our work life..truly with everything. We were not born as stressed people but somehow we have all learned it. You are definitely not alone here.

When we can get to a place of stillness within (which I know is hard for many), we can start reprogramming our own subconscious minds to bring about better emotional responses in every day life. In this state, we can start to reprogram limiting beliefs and stuck emotions we have had from our upbringing or from negative past experiences.

I offer live meditation sessions, some of just setting intentions of good things we want to happen and some sessions are to help reprogram our subconscious beliefs that aren’t serving us.

The live sessions will include hypnosis meditations with some exercises to help release burdens, improve your relationships or to deal with stressors. The sessions are each 20-25 minutes long. I always share some insights and then guide the meditation. The sessions are recorded and uploaded to the membership library once a month. Within the recording library you will also find coaching lessons on relevant topics to life and some bonus items.

There are many that can’t make the live calls, so they use the recording library at their convenience. In addition, each month new meditations and coaching lessons are added, some bonus life coaching sessions are offered in the evenings as well.

I have also started a blog for all my members that include my Divine Mind Downloads. I have learned how to tune in to the Universal wisdom around us all, that is available to us all. Some people call is messages from Spirit/Angels or messages from the Universe…whatever term works for you just go with it. It’s simply downloaded messages that I know come from a source of love, a spiritual source..my guidance and angels, my guidance team is what I have been saying.  It’s taken me practice and trust to hear this wisdom. I bring the downloaded messages through everything I do, especially my meditations but also now in writing so those who respond better to written word can take in what is meaningful for them in this manner.  I believe these messages come to me because I am a coach/support for many and I know now that somewhere in these messages there may be something to help each person with their practical life.

So feel free to come on in to the membership and try this out for a while and see what it feels like to experience a relaxation and calm through the meditations and improvements to your practical life through some coaching lessons and my written downloaded messages! I can’t wait to see you “inside” the group!

Binu Dhinsha

Hypnosis & Happiness Membership

RISE UP: Meditation & Mentorship with Binu

$29.00 + tax / month

Join us for $29 + tax a month where you can access daytime live sessions each week. Monday and Friday mornings at 7:30am- 7:55am  are Meditations for Calm; Mondays evenings periodically are a live Coaching Circle, plus a recording library of over 50 themed meditations (building confidence within, peace as your power, trusting your intuition etc) for those who can’t make the live sessions. A written blog of Binu’s Divine Downloads are offered a couple times a month to the group. . Binu is always bringing extra things forward as things in our world shift.  The group coaching will always include a meditation as well. My intention has been to have this accessible to all and help people build their peace muscle within and allow us all to live a more loving and empowering life.

The subconscious mind is like a bed of soil that accepts any kind of seed, good or bad. Thoughts are active, they are the seeds. Negative thoughts continue to work negatively in the subconscious. Sooner or later they will emerg and take shape as an outer experience. Much of the negative subconscious programming can keep us stuck, feeling anxious and hopeless. The good news is we can reprogram the subconscious, with time and work. That is what I am here to guide you through.

There is truly an opportunity here to BE NEW!

BE NEW with BINU that is!

Let’s honour and inspire ourselves, unleash those blocks, and surrender to the highest good for all.

I look forward to teaching, sharing and growing with you!

Join Binu for Online Group Meditation every Monday at 7:30am EST in the private fb group, every Friday at 7:30am EST over zoom,  and periodically for a Coaching Connection Circle. Times are subject to change based on needs of the group.

This is a group that was formed at the start of the pandemic in 2020 to help people stay calm and at peace during changes in the world around them and in their personal lives.