Hypnosis & Happiness

It’s all about longevity and quality of life

Welcome to an opportunity to connect with me on my Membership Site “Hypnosis & Happiness” where you will find live sessions and recordings to help you stay relaxed and connected to that deeper internal state within you. Hypnosis Meditations are meditations that take you to a deeper level. They allow your subconscious mind to be at the forefront while your conscious mind moves off to the side. In this state, we can start to reprogram limiting beliefs and stuck emotions we have had from our upbringing or from negative past experiences. The live sessions will include hypnosis meditations with some exercises to help release burdens, improve your relationships or to deal with stressors. They are each 30 minutes long.

You will also find some recordings here if you miss the live calls. In addition, as the months go on, more hypnosis recordings, coaching lessons and teachings will come in video or podcast format to help you grow and connect to who you truly are, unlock some blocks, and to help you move forward on your own personal path while connecting deeper with others in your life.

Binu Dhinsha

Hypnosis & Happiness

$11.00 + HST / month

Join us for $11 + HST a month where you can access 3 live hypnosis meditation sessions with Binu each week and recordings if you ever miss the live sessions.

We all have that inner wise voice that is speaking to us, but with life’s challenges, we often don’t slow down enough to listen to or tap in to that voice. When you learn to deeply listen, and hear your inner voice, to trust it and to act from that place of love, kindness and compassion, you believe more, you feel lighter and more at peace and you know that the Universe actually does have your back! And then just watch as your life unfolds and shifts, slowly but surely. It’s blissful.

Here’s the question I wish to ask you all…..

What if we could see obstacles as opportunities? What if we could release what is holding us back and move forward with ease and flow? What if we can remove our blocks so we can feel a sense of freedom?

There is truly an opportunity here to BE NEW!

BE NEW with BINU that is!

Let’s honour and inspire ourselves, unleash those blocks, and surrender to the highest good for all.

I look forward to teaching, sharing and growing with you!

Join Binu for Online Group Hypnosis every Monday at 12:00pm EST, Tuesday at 8:00am EST and every Friday morning at 8:00am EST. Times are subject to change based on needs of the group.

This is a group that was formed at the start of the pandemic in 2020 to help people stay calm and at peace during changes in the world around them and in their personal lives.